Worried about your precious data lying around on hard disks that could crash at a moment's notice ?
You want to upload it to the cloud but don't have the bandwidth ?
Send it to us and it'll be uploaded to your favorite cloud service before you lose a single byte !
Worry no longer !
Do you want to send high quality designs to a client ?
...or maybe you want to upload Hi-def videos to youtube !
Don't have the bandwidth ?
Send it to us and we'll upload it to any FTP service, web server or online storage of your choice !
Do you want send tons of photos to your grandkids ?
...or to your grandparents ?
Don't let the slow internet stop you !
Send your memory cards to us and we'll take care of the rest !

What is this service ?

This is the information age and we are overflowing with data - heaps upon heaps of invaluable office data, personal photos and videos... things that we want to share with overseas clients or maybe things that we just want to keep safe for ourselves.

Online storage or cloud services seem to offer an easy solution - cheap, safe and far more reliable than local harddisks ! However, In India, we simply don't have the bandwidth to upload all this data to the interent !

This is where we come in - you send your data to us on harddisks / DVDs / USB drives or memory cards - and we'll upload it to your favorite online service / web server or FTP account for you ! Gigabytes or Terabytes - all done at blazing speeds !!!

All your data is handled in the completely secure environment of our labs with multiple levels of data safety and security checks present !